Radiant is India’s leading Experiential Marketing Group serving this industry since 2013

The three esteemed parts of the group are:


Sudhakar Sharan, the founder & CEO of Radiant, who became an Experiential Marketing Maven because it was the need of the hour with the customers asking for better experiences above everything else; the industry as a whole can learn from and grow using his ideas & vision on Experiential Marketing.


Radiant – Everything Experiential has the esteem, diversified skill set and creativity to ensure the grand success of your brand. We are an experiential marketing agency, dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences to connect your business to your customers & stakeholders. We combine passion, experience and an extensive pool of resources to offer a complete bouquet of experiential communication solutions to give your brand identity a holistic approach. We aspire to create lifetime experiences in which our team of experts ensures a seamless participation & execution.


PartyPapa is the production, fabrication & execution agency, functioning successfully; consisting of a team of experienced & trained professionals. Any event, however big or small it may be, PartyPapa has made it successful in all aspects.


Your success as a brand that provides marvelous experience to its customers or as an event that leaves an everlasting expression on customer’s mind is our utmost responsibility.


We turn your dreams into reality and bring them to life. We function to make your presence felt & appreciated. We adopt your brand, work on it as our own child, nurture it and help it grow to be successful.



Radiant is known for the strong values, which it possesses. It is synonymous to great work done with passion and communion. What you see is what you get at Radiant.


We respect your time and eagerness to execute your plans. On-time delivery of ideas, designs and event structure is our priority to make our association last longer and grow stronger. In other words, on-time delivery of promises and retaining faith of our clients is our agenda.


We commit to do what we can deliver in due time frame with all our heart and hard work. We do not believe in the phrase ‘Terms & Conditions Apply’ because celebrations should be free of constraints.


We believe in being sincere towards work and understand the importance of commitment. Your faith that is invested in us boosts our sincerity towards what we deliver to you.


What we design for you brings out your individuality and makes your brand & event stand out of the league. Creativity mingled with uniqueness is our specialty. Out- think the competition. Always on the lookout for creative ideas.


If you have a project at hand and you want it to be big and on-time, we as a team are here to support your plans with utmost agility & accuracy.


Teamwork makes our dream work. We stand together to create larger than life experiences for our clients and ensure that no connection is left lose, which could make way for faults in the system.


Every project- big or small is dealt with the same enthusiasm. The ultimate aim is to create work we can be proud of. We possess and encourage a positive attitude towards any situation.  We at Radiant always follow the yes minded approach.


We are true to our clientele and believe in delivering what has been promised. We leave no stone unturned in proving our loyalty towards the company we are associated with or wish to work in future.


About Team Radiant

The pioneering spirit of Team Radiant is fueled by five Eswhich frame a successful event; 

Efficient, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Eager, and Extraordinary

Our team of experts, which includes Creative Directors, Producers, and Event Managers is recognized as one of India’s most innovative experiential event marketing team. Radiant offers an unexcelled combination of national & international professionals.

Together with great support of our dedicated in-house team of passionate & motivated individuals and our enthusiastic on-site production & execution team, we deliver successful events that creates a mesmerizing memory of our prestigious clients in the minds of their guests.

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